We are Hi-Fi consultants and specialists located near the Suffolk/Essex border

DB HIFI is committed to providing a passionate and knowledgeable service catered to your unique Hi-Fi needs. We welcome customers to experience our Listening Room, where we can tailor Hi-Fi demonstrations specifically for you.

DB HIFI boasts a comprehensive range of Hi-Fi products, all of which can be demonstrated on-site or brought to your home to experience the sound quality in-situ.

We are proud to work alongside some of the leading UK manufacturers and distributors, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for on our website.


Come & listen in the comfort of our dedicated demo rooms at No-3.

Whether its the excitment of your first ‘proper’ hifi system, or you are looking to compliment your exisiting system, Then that is what we at DB HIFI are here to offer.

Our aim is to create a setting and experience for you to be able to make the right purchase, and you enjoy every moment of that process.

3 Kitchen Farm, Kitchen Hill, Bulmer, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO107FA

Having bought the excellent MSB Descrete with 2 PSU’s from James along with the insane Gryphon Diablo 300 amp, spoke to him after the Munich Hi Fi show as he said I had to listen to a new brand he has added to the portfolio. Week later popped in with the Ideon Ion DAC connected up and - simply blown away. Having heard the new DCS Bartok Apex 3 days before which was comparable to the MSB, the Ideon was comfortably 20-30% better in all areas especially sound stage to a point my room sounded twice as big. Decided to order obviously and trade in my MSB - had it in 11 days and has improved to a point where I would without knowing thought it was at least a 40-50K DAC it’s that incredible.

Martin Andrews

Highly recommend that you visit these guys!! The pictures may look great but until you visit them and they hook up all this amazing equipment, you have no idea of what real sound quality is like. I have played trumpet for over 30 years, played in big bands and horn lines with 60 people in. This is the nearest I have come to hearing true sound without being at the live venue itself.

Simon Marsom

Absolutely first class sales and after sales service. Nothing too much trouble, no question too stupid. My system now sounds fabulous and am having so much fun re-discovering long lost albums. Thanks James

Paul Rylott

James is very friendly and knowledgeable. He has a great selection of equipment on offer from mid range to esoteric and is very honest. I would recommend him for anyone looking for a quality hifi setup, if it is your first or for an upgrade to a 20 year old system.

James Martin

James is a HiFi man who's passion for music and equipment is 2nd to none. He will help you achieve the equipment for your needs, with no sales pressure. 1st class!. I cannot recommend him enough if your serious about your music.

Colin Shimmin

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