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Soulution 525 Pre-amplifier – 5 Series

Soulution Audio is owned by the Spemot corporation, a company located in the Swiss town of Dulliken. Spemot is a well-established designer and producer of electronic devices and electric motors used in automotive and other applications including professional catering equipment. The company has a strong track record in innovative bespoke solutions that meet specific customer needs.

The Soulution brand for premium audio was created by Spemot’s two managing directors Cyrill Hammer and Roland Manz, both of them passionate high-end audio hobbyists. The pair are long-time Swiss distributors of the Hi-Fi & Records magazine. Having owned and heard top amplifiers produced by US and Japanese manufacturers, they resolved to lay down a challenge and build a family of audio products that would set a new and even higher benchmark.

As reviews of Soulution Audio products by audio magazines around the world testify, Hammer and Manz have achieved their goal.

The outstanding sound qualities of the Soulution products should also be supported by the design of housing, both visually and by their construction. Due to their size it was clear that they must integrate optimally into a listening/living room to be enjoyed not just for their sonic beauty but as well for their visual appearance. The development of the housing design was therefore carried out with the same care and professionalism as the development of the electronics. Several proposals were made which fulfilled both the technical requirements for stability and heat dissipation, as well as the design requirements.

The effort has paid off. The soulution products were awarded several times for its timeless and elegant design by international design juries.

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