The story of the McIntosh brand of distinguished home audio systems dates back to 1949. The brand has since been synonymous with delivering impeccable experiences in music and film. Specialising in two-channel stereo sound systems and multi-channel home theatres complete with surround sound, McIntosh is a brand that offers the ultimate home audio entertainment experience for the discerning listener.

All of the iconic McIntosh home audio systems are designed and hand-built from its Binghamton headquarters in New York, U.S. McIntosh has powered some of the most iconic periods in pop culture and music history. Most notably, President Lyndon Johnson’s inauguration speech relayed to Woodstock via the infamous Grateful Dead “Wall of Sound”.

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Solution Audio

Solution Audio is a Swiss-owned company that specialises in the design and production of premium audio systems, inspired by Cyrill Hammer and Roland Manz; both of whom are enthusiastic about state-of-the-art audio systems. Inspired by a string of leading amplifiers built by manufacturers in the Far East and North America, Solution Audio has sought to push the boundaries further to create new benchmarks for audio performance.

With most Solution Audio products combining stunning sonic qualities with timeless, elegant aesthetics, it’s safe to say that messrs Hammer and Manz have successfully achieved their ambitions.

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Pass Labs

Nelson Pass is the brains behind the development of Pass Labs products. Since 1992, when Pass Labs unveiled its inaugural product, the Aleph 0 amplifier, the brand has become synonymous for building amplifiers that offer greater versatility and stability than many of their high-end audio counterparts.

Today, Pass Labs is a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of premium solid-state amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and loudspeakers. Many of which have been optimised for higher wattage needs, thanks to advanced technologies and real-world testing. The end result is reduced distortion and impeccable audio control, ensuring unrivalled musical fidelity for end users.

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Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries (DALI) is a long-standing Danish manufacturer of award-winning sound systems. Established by Peter Lyngdorf in 1983, it quickly grew to become one of the most popular brands within the Scandinavian Hi-Fi community. The brand’s growth plans were rather more ambitious than this however, and it has since pushed its products in over 65 countries worldwide.

The DALI brand was put well and truly on the map in 1996 following the launch of its MegaLine series of high-end loudspeakers. This product became a flagship for the brand, setting a new benchmark for everything that is possible in terms of audio and aesthetic qualities.

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Technical Audio Devices (TAD) is another brand that DB HIFI is proud to specify. TAD speakers and audio components are increasingly hand-picked for their high-dimensional sound imaging and sound-field immersion in neat, compact designs. TAD Labs originated as a one-off research and development project at Pioneer, with a remit to build studio-quality loudspeakers for home entertainment.

Since then, TAD has become an incorporated company in its own right, underpinned by the appointment of world-renowned loudspeaker designer, Andrew Jones at the TAD Labs helm. Jones’ Model One speaker helped put the TAD Labs brand firmly on the map. However, it was the later Reference One loudspeaker that is still considered one of the greatest speakers of all time today by audiophiles.

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Jorma Design was founded on a straightforward principle – to convey music without adding or subtracting anything from the original signal. We believe that our cables offer the most natural and transparent sound, keeping your music just as it should sound.

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Precision engineering, innovative design, and visual aesthetics are embodied in the products from AMG (Analog Manufaktur Germany). The AMG brand was created with collaboration between a German family’s precision manufacturing facility and a group of audio industry experts to advance the art of vinyl playback.

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