We have a large range of exceptionally special items been traded in.

Wilson Sasha Daws These are a exceptionally good condition floor standing speakers that really are a marvel to both look at and listen to. These very rarely come up for sale so please do get in contact quick before these are gone. They have an RRP of nearly £40,000 but we have them available for only £23,500.

DCS BartokA great opportunity to purchase a customer trade in DCS Bartok in Silver. Excellent Condition with original box and all accessories. Unfortunately, it does not have the headphone amplifier but is a fantastic unit none the less. This unit usually comes in with an RRP of £12,499 but now is your opportunity to aquire it for only £9,995.

DCS Rossini Clock and DACA rare chance to purchase a customer trade in DCS Rossini DAC AND Clock in Silver. Both in excellent Condition with original boxes and all accessories. This pair of units usually come in with an RRP of nearly £28,000 new and very rarely do they ever come up for sale. So give us a call and grab them now for only £22,000.

Naim NAP500 DR, NAP500PS DR, NAC552 DR, NAC552PS DR (2020 year)This is one of the flagship Naim setups you can get. The original RRP is £43,100 for these 4 units so having the chance to get them for only £28,000 does not come up very often.

Taiko Audio SGM Extreme Music Server – It has the original box and all accessories included. Original RRP is £25,000 for this unit so this is a very rare opportunity to aquire something special for only £19,995.

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