We are pleased to announce the first of many open events of 2018 so save the date for Saturday 7th April 2018, kick off at 10:00 til 20:00. We have so much at this event to really explain everything would require me to obtain a book deal! Music, hi-fi, food and wine tasting…because we all know the best upgrade to any system is a few glasses wine.

The entire Graham Audio range of loudspeakers will be here including the VOTU (Voice of the Universe). Paul Graham himself will also be attending which will be an amazing opportunity to meet and speak to him and seeing his passion on building and running Graham Audio.

The brand new 3 Series from Soulution along with a selection from the 5 Series. Trying to sell Soulution is so bloody hard. Come listen and be completely amazed!

There will be a selection of amplifiers and pre-amplifiers from Pass Labs, Nelson Pass is regarded as one of the finest amplifier designers ever and his amplifiers are just musical and beautifully engineered.

British from design to finish, we will be showing the latest from Exposure. As well as Audiocom AV, Clef, Ziro Audio, Parasound, Panalouge, Hana, Sorane Arm and Edwards Audio.

We will be running several systems during the day starting off with something fairly modest and moving up. In the main room we will have the VOTU so rock, paper, scissors for the hot seat!

We have invited The Imperial Wine Company for wine tasting and there will be plenty of nibbles too. People that have been to our other events will know it’s very relaxed here, it’s all about enjoying yourself and listening to some amazing music. If you would like to come please RSVP with us and you will be issued with a free STS Digital The Absolute Sound Reference Vol. 1 CD. Or turn up on the day, the door will be open to all!

I look forward to hearing from you.

James Dean
01379 873451

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