Atlas Analogue Input Terminator Plugs


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Unused analogue input sockets in pre/integrated amplifiers can often act as conduits for pollutants such as RFI (radio frequency interference). A simple but effective way to minimise the problem is by the use of Atlas Analogue Input Terminator plugs (AIT) on all unused analogue inputs.

Atlas Input Terminator plugs (AITs) are simple passive devices which, by reducing the pathways to noise ingression or transmission, help reduce the noise burden in any system. This often leads to lower background noise and improved fidelity.

To use, plug an AIT into any unused input RCA phono sockets on your integrated or pre-amplifier, being careful to avoid the outputs. With the AIT in place, your amplifier’s unused inputs will be in a defined low noise state and resistant to the interference which can reduce sound quality.

Caution: Do not plug an AIT or DOT into the RCA analogue outputs on your amplifier – you may damage your equipment!

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