Atlas Element ‘Mini’ USB (Type A to Mini B connector)


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The Element ‘Mini’ USB (Type A to Mini B connector) is a digital interconnect specifically developed to meet the requirements of USB as an audio interface. Digital theory suggests that data is nothing more than a stream of ‘ones & zeros’ and all a cable has to do is transfer the data from one device to another. While that’s essentially true with regard to connecting your printer, it turns out to be an overly simplistic view when considering USB audio devices.

A computer will typically continue sending data ‘packets’ (bundles of data) to a USB device until all the data is successfully received. If an error is encountered, the packet is sent again, as often as necessary, regardless of how long it takes until all the data has been received. Although this all happen in a matter of microseconds, in the context of high fidelity audio, these ‘timing’ issues are audibly significant. And as with any cable intended for high resolution low-level signals, the same is true of the materials and construction methods employed right down to the fit & finish of the connectors.

A ‘freebie’ USB cable typically sounds grainy and crude, with high levels of digital background noise which blurs low-level detail. Atlas USB cables draw on knowledge gained with hi-speed video connections, combined with extensive and ongoing research into the specifics of USB & Ethernet-type cables in audio applications. Silver-plated high purity copper conductors with a triple layer screen and precision cold-weld connectors combine to provide optimal signal transmission and demonstrably superior sound quality.

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