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The Equator High Speed HDMI with Ethernet was specifically designed by Atlas’ own digital engineers to deliver optimal bandwidth with maximum fidelity In today’s advanced home cinema systems, we consider sound quality is just as important as video performance in creating an immersive user experience.

The Equator HDMI Active utilises silver-plated high purity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors insulated by a low loss foamed Polyethylene dielectric to deliver fast, accurate signals between source and destination components. A unique conductor topology and its precision length-matched construction enables the Element HDMI to achieve consistent data transmission and maintain constant impedance – making it fully compliant with the latest 4k specifications and avoiding the timing issues which potentially degrade performance.

The Equator ‘active’ High speed HDMI with Ethernet enable Atlas to extend the cable lengths up to 7 metres without the signal being adversely affected, because the ‘active’ components reduce the error correction processing required by any digital receiver. Lower correction rates ensure better sound and better video.

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