Atlas McCallum Wooden Isolator


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The McCallum wooden Isolator aim to reduce transmission coupled mechanical vibration principally, between a speaker cabinet and the room, reducing the amount of speaker cabinet energy coupling to the floor. The wooden Isolator is for use principally with stand mounted-loudspeakers, although lighter floor-standing speakers with small form factors are suitable.

During the development of the Ultra plug, we investigated the use of certain types of slow dried wood (as many have a lower dielectric constant lower than Teflon) for the internal insert material. Having built up samples, we were happy with the results, however we could not maintain the very thin sectional wall thicknesses we required for the plug during production.

The wood we particularly were attracted to was African Blackwood, one of the densest and most absorbent woods around, often found in guitars, cellos and many woodwind instruments – and the principal wood used in the chanters and pipes in Scottish Bagpipes!

We approached the largest Scottish bagpipe producer in the world, McCallum, based in our home town of Kilmarnock, to see if we could come up with a collaborative project that would be of interest to our many customers around the world, with these Isolators being the result.

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