Bricasti Model 12 Dual Mono Source Controller

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Model 12 Dual Mono Source Controller from Bricasti Design…

The new Model 12 is a modern front end to any system. All digital inputs types are supported as well as balanced and unbalanced analogue inputs.  All with precise analogue gain control, seamlessly integrated into one product, your source controller.

The Model 12 builds upon the proven design of the M1 SE D/A converter so your digital sources are handled and converted in the best way. To that Bricasti adds a pure dual mono analogue signal path with high resolution analogue gain and level control.  This controls the output stage of the D/A converter in the analogue domain with no loss of resolution and pass thru analogue inputs for your analogue sources. Like the M1, the M12 is a dual mono design with 3 power supplies and separate left and right analogue power supplies and digital and analogue processing.

Network Streaming
A new feature for the Model 12 is a network interface and media renderer. This allows the M12 to be seen as a DLNA device on an audio network and server as an audio device to play or stream to through a wired connection on your network. Now you can run wired data longer distances without loss in quality so your network server can go anywhere you choose.

DSD to new heights
Analogue gain control has allowed us to take DSD playback to the ultimate level. The Model 12 features a pure analogue DSD converter; any filtering and level is accomplished in the analogue domain. When processed this way, no digital signal processing is done. Typically in most DACs, the DSD is converted to a multi-bit sigma delta or PCM signal for filter processing. The M12 offers a pure DSD path and all post processing for noise filtering and level control are accomplished purely in the analogue domain.

Analogue level
All analogue, precise, silent control with 90db of control range in one db steps, all remote controlled and programmable. The M12 digital controlled fully balanced dual mono resistor ladder is as good as level can be, and inserted at the source, at the output of the DAC’s I-V stage. This approach provides some of the best digital playback possible and analogue control from the M12 balanced or unbalanced inputs.

Masterfully connected
Balanced and unbalanced analogue inputs create the line amp stage for the Model 12. Fully balanced and a perfect match for the M28 power amps or the M15 stereo amp, the M12 provides true differential source control to drive any power amp.

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