Bricasti Model 15 Stereo Power Amplifier

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The Bricasti Model 15 stereo amplifier is the beating heart of any system and in particular, a Bricasti Design system. Like its bigger mono-block brother the M28, the M15 delivers heaps of power at critical stages, forging a sonic path of least resistance all the way from source to the speaker. This can be heard and felt and is in part thanks to its fully differential / balanced architecture.

Precise control
The power amplifier is a very critical part of the audio chain. It has to take the incoming signal and amplify it and most importantly, deal with the load of the loudspeaker and control its back EMF with precision. The sound of the Model 15 is intended to be transparent and revealing with low distortion, and fully dynamic with no sense of limits and compression in the reproduction, on any loudspeaker.

Balanced power
The Model 15 stereo power amplifier is a true reference design in analogue power amplification, an uncompromising design offering extremely low distortion with moderate power and a unique truly balanced topology rarely seen in the industry. When combined with the Bricasti M1 DAC or M12 Source Controller driving the M15 one can achieve a fully differential signal path, from the converter to the loudspeaker.

Modern application
The intention of the Model 15 is to integrate seamlessly into your existing system while allowing for a more compact form factor. A unique feature like trim control lets you properly gain stage the M15, critical with today’s digital sources driving the amplifier directly. You also enjoy the same sonic benefits of the M28 monoblock with the still-points isolation designed directly into the feet.

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