Exposure MCX Power Amplifier

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  • Black
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If you relish an emotional listening experience, the MCX Power Amplifier is engineered for you. The emphasis is on the realism and musicality, as defined by exceptional fluidity, finesse and control. This is Exposure’s highest definition yet of a 21st Century high-end, hi fidelity system.

Key Features…

  • The monoblock design ensures low interaction between channels
  • Very large toroidal power transformer (1400VA) with separate windings for the main supply to the power output stage and the critical, low level input circuit
  • Separate supplies to the input stage and output stage. Input stage is regulated for high PSRR
  • Switchable between balanced and unbalanced input modes
  • Built-in protection against over-current, DC off-set and high temperature
  • 12V input and output trigger system allows control of, or from an audio-visual (AV) system
  • Available in black only

Exposure is proud to be a British company based in the south of England. Their products are British from design
to finish and carry a 3 year guarantee.

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