Jorma Prime – Jumper Cables


  • Extra dense Walnut shell
  • Pure ceramic core
  • Ultra-fine Copper conductors
  • Bybee Slipstream Golden Quantum Purifiers
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Principal performance

Jorma Prime established Jorma Design as one of the most respected high-end cable companies. Launching as a “no expense spared” series, it met with worldwide critical acclaim.

The cables are crafted with the finest materials including Gold and ultra-fine Copper (0.5mm2), and use conductors that took over six months to develop.

Bybee Slipstream Quantum Purifiers eliminate sub-audible noise, unmeasurable by typical test-bench instruments, producing previously unattainable resolution.

Jorma Prime offers natural, transparent sound; it’s one of the finest cable series that the market has to offer.


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Additional information


15cm x 4, 25cm x 4, 35cm x 4


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