Leema Reference 2 Interconnect Cable


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Leema’s high end Reference 2 Interconnect Cable is a fully symmetrical cable, featuring Continuously Cast mono-crystal 6N purity copper conductors.

Teflon insulation is used, encased within a mechanically robust polyethylene fibre jacket. This is then wrapped within a copper mesh outer shield and enclosed in a PVC outer jacket with a braided blue protective outer mesh sleeve.

Both cables are dual conductor and can therefore be ordered with single ended RCA connectors or with balanced XLR connectors.

High End RCA connectors are used with hollow point low mass inner conductors and sprung loaded dual earth shields. The conductor material is Beryllium-Copper which is direct gold or Rhodium plated. The assembly is enclosed in a lightweight, but durable aluminium housing.

Balanced cables feature high grade XLR connectors with full metal outer construction.

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0.5 Metre, 1 Metre


RCA to RCA, XLR to XLR (balanced)

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