McIntosh MA6700 – 2-Channel Integrated Amplifier


SKU: MA6700
  • 200 Watts x 2 channel
  • Optional AM/FM tuner available
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With 200 Watts of power per channel, the MA6700 can be the high performance centrepiece in a great stereo system. It combines amp and preamp functionality, along with a Digital-to-Analogue Converter (DAC) and phono section all in one space saving unit.


With its preamp section featuring 11 total inputs – including 3 digital inputs that will decode your digital music at up to 32 bits and 192kHz – the MA6700 is sure to provide you with enough connections and modern technology to keep all your music sources connected and sounding great.


Two dedicated phono sections (1 Moving Magnet and 1 Moving Coil) will bring new life to your record collection and deliver the best possible sound from your turntable. The Home Theatre Pass Through feature will allow for seamless integration into your existing multi-channel theatre system. Add an optional AM/FM tuner module for seamless radio reception.


At 200 Watts per channel, the amplifier section has enough power to properly drive virtually all loudspeakers. Utilizing the world famous McIntosh Autoformer™ guarantees your speakers will always receive the full 200 Watts regardless of their impedance, while Power Guard® will prevent clipping and keep your speakers safe from damage. Our new High Drive headphone amplifier features increased gain and output power, and is optimized for virtually all headphone types for the ultimate personal listening experience.


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