Pass Labs INT-150 – Integrated Series

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Audiophiles, serious Audiophiles, have not considered an integrated amplifier as worthy product for 30+ years. This paradyme is about to change, forever!

Integrated amplifiers typically have between 6 and 9 gain stages. The Pass Laboratories Integrated amplifiers are two gain stage devices based on the X.5 series power amps. The unique topology proved the cleanest, most direct signal path possible. This approach provides superlative “audiophile” performance in an otherwise modest package.

The INT-150 is built from identical hardware as the INT-30A with operational points optimised for higer wattage requirements. Generally this integrated amplifier will provide greater versatility with speaker loads of 86 dB efficiency or less. The INT-150 is a very seductive and addictive product in a small reference system. Equally seductively and attractive for a second system with either music or movies.

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