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The Pass Laboratories INT-30A Integrated Amplifier was designed specifically to bridge the gap between so called high-end audiophile product
and the need for a simple “no nonsense”, convenient, user-friendly, high satisfaction audio product. From a measured and subjective viewpoint this
is an outstanding product, we trust you will sit back and listen with a big grin on your face.

Audiophiles, serious Audiophiles, have not considered an integrated amplifier as a worthy product for 30+ years. This paradyme is about to change, forever with the Pass Labs INT-30A!

Integrated amplifiers typically have between 6 and 9 gain stages.  The Pass Laboratories Integrated amplifiers are two gain stage devices based on the X.5 series power amps. The unique topology proved the cleanest, most direct signal path possible. This approach provides superlative “audiophile” performance in an otherwise modest package.

The INT-30A is the “Jewell in the crown”. It provides 30 watts into 8 ohms, 60 watts into 4 ohms and is stable into any conceivable load. It provides wattage with all the finesse and delicacy that Class A operation has long been famous for. Best with speakers of 87 dB efficiency or greater, spectacular with difficult speaker loads such as electrostatics or planars in small systems. Wonderful, “you are there” sound stage.

The INT-30A is a very seductive and addictive product in a small reference system. Equally seductively and attractive for a second system with either music or movies.

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