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The twin chassis XP-25 phono stage pre-amplifier greatly improves upon the already exceptional performance of the XP-15. In addition to a separate and isolated power supply chassis, the XP-25 boasts adjustable gain, two separate inputs, a low cut filter, mute feature, resistive and capacitive loading all on the front panel for easy access. With the XP-25 you will discover a whole new dimension of dynamics, inner detail and spectral richness.

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Pass Laboratories, specifically Nelson Pass and his co-designer Wayne Colburn have a long history of imagining and successfully bringing to the discriminating consumer some of the finest phono stage pre-amplifiers ever offered. Each new incarnation of the Pass Laboratories phono preamps has pushed their personal limits as to what level of acoustic bliss is realistically achievable from “Streaming Analog”©.

Since 1997 the guiding credo for these phono pre-amps remains the vision that music must flow effortlessly from LP surface to listeners ear. With each evolution of product that effortless flow should issue forth with greater detail and clarity while never forgetting or sacrificing the soul of the music and the artistic intent. The Pass Laboratories XP-25 does not disappoint.

The XP-25 was brought to market both by copious measurements and extensive listening through a multitude of tone arm and cartridge combinations. Listening was given precedent over the numbers but never at the expense of measured performance. The result is a dynamic, lush and smooth sound with dramatic detail and spectacular layering. Those listeners familiar with Pass Laboratories previous phono pre-amps will be struck by the clear delineation of bass notes in the XP-25 and the greater sense of music in a real physical space.

Like some great musicians we get requests! You spoke and we listened… so that you can listen better. Now the XP-25 a product designed at the intersections of excellence, adaptability and

The twin chassis XP-25 eclipses the already exceptional performance of the well-reviewed and well-received XP-15: delivering enhanced RIAA performance at a fraction of the previous distortion. With the XP-25 you are going to discover a whole new dimension of dynamics, inner detail and spectral richness on your favorite LP’s.

The XP-25 brings all control and cartridge loading functions to the front panel and presents them in a clear easy to understand layout. The XP-25 boasts two separate and selectable inputs, ample adjustable gain along with generous resistive and capacitive loading choices.

Those listeners and archivists with the desire or need to sample music from two tone-arms or turntables will be able to do so instantly with a single XP-25, thus simplifying their complement of analog equipment and removing one more variable from their listening chain.

The addition of a user selectable high pass (low cut) filter makes possible the playing of recordings with excessive subsonic information.

The addition of a user selectable mute control makes possible the cuing of records and needle drop in absolute silence.

The XP-25 is an uncommonly fine match with very low output moving coil cartridges which would normally require a transformer first stage.

By the early 1980’s it was generally acknowledged that lower output moving coil cartridges were capable of retrieving significantly more fine detail from record grooves than higher output moving magnet cartridges. In many instances this was simply a case of having lower
moving mass to accelerate in the electrical generator mechanism of the phono-cartridge. Moving coils with 3 or 4 turns of the finest wire attached to the lightest and stiffest cantilevers were capable of accurately tracking complex musical passages that a few years prior would have seemed impossible tasks to engineer and listener alike.

The really astute cartridge makers had clearly taken a page from the automotive and motorcycle racing cognoscenti, whose engineers were doing everything in their power to lower “un-sprung mass” in an effort to get tires to say in intimate contact with the roughest terrain at the highest possible speeds. In both worlds the ability to accurately track the impossible landscape is the ultimate goal…..minimal moving mass associated with a compliant suspension is a big part of the answer.

Unfortunately the active electronics that were capable of extracting signal at those low levels, frequently then buried much of that signal in their own noise floor. Step-up transformers generally addressed the noise issues, but frequently lost the very fine detail somewhere in the transformers iron core. For the time, the promise of the best moving coil cartridges went un-realised.

The XP-25’s high gain and exceptionally low noise figure allow for ample output and detail from cartridges providing as little as 40 uV (micro-volts) of signal at the phono input.

The adjustable gain options of the XP-25 make this unit immune from overload with any high output cartridge of which we are familiar.

The XP-25 is as much a pleasure to use as it is to listen through.

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