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One of the most impressive clocks on the market today

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Pink Faun OCXO clocks are available in different audio frequencies made for DAC manufacturers. The Pink Faun OCXO clock is available as either a 20/24/24.576 or 25MHz clock speed. This can be used for upgrading computer-based music servers and upgrading digital output cards such as the Pink Faun bridges. The Pink Faun OCXO clock offers an unprecedented improvement in every digital device that depends on a clock. During the development of the clock, we have been able to achieve an incredibly low phase-noise that pushes the physical limits of what’s possible today, resulting in an extremely low jitter.

Sound essentially consists of analog signals, which processing is associated with the problems of attenuation, noise, and deterioration. These issues are addressed when the original sound passes through an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) after which the resulting data can be distributed on CDs or via networks as digital sound. Following, these data are processed using a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) in the end user’s digital audio device and output as analog sound.

In the digitization of analog signals, sampling is carried out at a certain frequency. To reproduce sound with the highest fidelity possible, higher sampling frequencies and bit rates are required. Today’s high-resolution audio sources are characterized by sampling frequencies and bit rates superior to those used for CDs, enabling digitalization for true high-fidelity audio reproduction.

Phase noise and jitter
Faithful reproduction of high-resolution audio sources requires precise digital signal processing and analog sound output with reduced deterioration of the sound source in the digital audio device. This conversion accuracy depends on the noise characteristics (i.e., frequency components outside the target frequency) of the clock frequency of the audio device used.

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  1. Walter Vandyck

    Projection alarms are one of the best projection clock options. They have a lot of advantages over normal alarm clocks, which are often not as durable and reliable as you might like. A good alarm clock can last for years, even decades, but most people end up replacing their alarm clocks every few years.

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