Pink Faun Streamer 2.16 Special order colour Trade In


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Slight mark to rear of unit and two slightly bent side fins do not effect usage.

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The streamer 2.16 is the result of more than three years of development. It is designed with only one goal in mind; to give you the best music experience in both sound quality and manage your music library. The streamer 2.16 is built around computer architecture. This is a well-considered choice. The powerful system can handle heavy tasks and playing your music is easy and natural, without high latency and buffers to keep the system stable. This results in a very fluent, organic sounding machine that lets you forget you’re listening to a digital device. The streamer 2.16 will exceed your expectations as it transfers the essence of music: the emotion.

1) The linear PSU is designed in-house and contains three transformers providing four main power rails from which all separate voltages for each part of the streamer are regulated. Every part of the streamer has its own dedicated regulation from the corresponding power rail. For example, the ATX to the motherboard contains 5 different voltage levels all having their own linear regulation.

2) The computer components are chosen for their stability and excellent performance. The streamer 2.16 can easily handle all PCM streams and DSD up to DSD512. Because of the stable and powerful processor, the streamer 2.16 can be configured with the minimum buffer-size in both ROON and HQPlayer. The processor is passively cooled with an 8-pipes cooling system and can handle the high DSD sampling easily. Playing normal Redbook audio, the load on the processor is between 0 and 1 %. Upsampling Redbook to DSD512x48 (HQPlayer / Poly-Sinc-XTR-2 filter) the load is between 12 and 16 %. The streamer standard has a Samsung Pro SSD for the Linux OS and there’s room for 2 more SSDs for music storage.

3) The used OS on the streamer 2.16 is a heavily modified version of Arch Linux (Low Latency / Real-time kernel / Headless). The advantage of using Linux is that you start with nothing and only configure what you really need for audio playback. The Pink Faun streamer 2.16 can work standalone and is fully controllable from a tablet and/or smartphone. The streamer 2.16 runs in a headless mode which means there’s no video driver loaded which results in an even lower noise floor in whole the system.


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