Pink Faun ULTRA OCXO Clock


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One of the most impressive clocks on the market today

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The Pink Faun Ultra OCXO Clock is especially designed for use in high-end audio and music servers. Our OCXOs are available in various audio frequencies and can also be used for upgrading the standard oscillators on motherboards. Common frequencies used on motherboards are 24 and 25 MHz oscillators. Normally, OCXOs with these frequencies have a considerably higher phase noise just by function of their higher frequency (compared to 10M XO’s). But not with our Ultra OCXO Clock: the typical phase noise of the Pink Faun Ultra OCXO Clock is < -130 dB @ 10 Hz offset from the carrier (i.e. 24 or 25 MHz). Every Pink Faun Ultra OCXO is square wave out and thus quite suitable for direct connection, without the need for a multiplier circuit to reach the correct frequency (which will also increase phase noise).
Available frequencies: 20 MHz / 22.569 MHz / 24 MHz / 24.576 MHz / 25 MHz


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