TAD Audio Board

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TAD-ZZ011-WN: £2,350.00
TAD-ZZ012-WN: £2,200.00
TAD-ZZ013-WN: £2,850.00
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Audio dedicated board that draws the well float structure to the utmost, fuses TAD sound philosophy, realises distortion-free sound not only for Electronics products, but also for Speakers and Turntables.

Finnish birch laminate board is adopted as the board material.

Birch wood is an excellent material with superior water resistance, heat resistance, durability and strength. TAD loudspeakers utilise this same material for internal structural supports due to its high rigidity.

Additionally, each plywood layer is laminated alternately, improving its deflection strength.

The Finnish Birch used in this product is the world’s hardest and strongest hardwood material, and is often used for high-end furniture.

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