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TAD has many goals, but one above all: to reproduce music with all the realism of recorded performance. By reproducing the genuine sound, we remain faithful to the intentions and passions of the artists who created the music. How do we achieve reproduction of the genuine sound? Through an uncompromising pursuit of maximum sound quality, and by taking full advantage of our unique concepts and wide range of advanced technology. Making the most of those ideas and technologies, we have perfected the TAD-CE1 speaker system. Experience the boundless joy of hearing sound that is absolutely true to the music.

The midrange and tweeter are configured concentrically to match their directional characteristics and eliminate disruption of the sound, while the tweeter diaphragm is elaborately designed and built from lightweight, high rigidity beryllium. With excellent stability, it delivers outstanding sound localisation and a natural sound field over a truly wide bandwidth from 250Hz to 100kHz.

The shell-shaped diaphragm integrates the centre cap and cone into a single piece. Coupled to the voice coil via a moulded cradle that fully conveys the powerful driving force of the large neodymium magnet, and combined with the turbulence suppressing aerodynamic design of the rear side, this woofer delivers a rich, clear bass and vibrant lower midrange.

* MACS: Multi-Layered Aramid Composite Shell

The cornerstones of its outstanding physical properties are its combination of birch plywood braces, MDF panels and Bi-Directional ADS Port featuring 10mm-thick hard anodised aluminium side panels that provide superior strength and vibration dampening. Additionally, optimisation of the enclosure size and port layout have eliminated standing waves up to 250Hz.

* SILENT: Structurally Inert Laminated Enclosure Technology

Slit-shaped ports are positioned on both of the enclosure’s side panels with flared openings to the front and rear. The symmetrical front-back, left-right layout eliminates the effects of unwanted sound from the port as well as standing waves within the enclosure. Considering the compact size, you’ll be amazed at the rich and powerful sound field that will fill your listening room.

* Bi-Directional ADS: Bi-Directional Aero-Dynamic Slot

It takes full advantage of the characteristics of the CST Driver and Bi-Directional ADS Port in the absolute smallest layout area. The result is smooth, broad sound diffusion that keeps diffraction to a minimum. With a high quality mirror finish on tropical olive grain wood, paired with hard anodised aluminium side panels, it exudes a uniquely individual presence: luxurious, while still unprecedentedly cutting-edge.

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