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The YG Acoustics Tor is the larger 2-way passive stand mount/bookshelf speaker from YG Acoustics’ brand new Peaks series.

Tor is the larger of the two stand mount models and delivers a scale of musical dynamics which belies its size. Throwing a huge soundstage, Tor boasts a sophistication and musicality that pulls you closer to the music. Powerful yet detailed and delicate, Tor is a music lover’s dream come true.

Throughout the development process, quality was never compromised. The YG Acoustics Tor boasts proprietary ForgeCore tweeters and our exceptional BilletCore woofers. These are mounted in thick aluminium front baffles which are precision machined in-house to a profile guided by detailed computational modelling.

Sealed cabinet bodies are made from inch-thick dense resin fiber, curved to exact tolerances in custom presses by experienced European workshops. They include advanced bracing and acoustic absorbers which eliminate cabinet resonances and reflections.

Innovative crossover topologies are optimized through complex simulation and countless hours of critical listening. These designs maximize efficiency and ensure the broadest possible compatibility with amplifiers. Crossovers use the highest quality components and are hand-built on circuit boards that YG machines in-house.

Through its unique combination of cutting-edge science and engineering, Tor represents an approach with no compromises. Everything from the drivers, cabinets and crossovers, through to the veneer, lacquer and internal cabling has been carefully selected and modelled to deliver the most accurate, most musical performance possible.

Frequency Response:
37Hz – 40kHz

Average 7Ω, minimum 3.5Ω


425 x 230 x 300mm (H x W x D)
16.7 x 9.1 x 11.8” (H x W x D)

40lbs (18.1 kg) each

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