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Hifi Healer – Repairs & Servicing of High End Audio Equipment

Official UK Repair Agent For Bluesound, Martin Logan, Chord, Gryphon, Sonus Faber, Mcintosh, Marten, YBA, TAD, Soulution, Luxman and More


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Unit 7, Martinfield, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1HG

Servicing and Repairs are carried about by Hifi Healer.

At Hifi Healer, They only believe in providing the best service to thier customers so will always use the best quality replacement parts they can source.

Based in Hertfordshire they are specialists in Naim equipment, if you want a repair, service or even an upgrade, we will do it to the highest possible standards.



Record Players

We have a vast range of knowledge in the servicing and repairing of vinyl record players. We can source parts directly from the supplier or aftermarket parts and will provide full 6 month warranty on any work we perform. We can also replace the cartridge and align it if needed.

Hifi Equipment

We aim to service your electronics in the best way suit both you and the unit. This may be a general health check, replacing some or all of the capacitors or upgrading them to audiophile grade ones on older equipment. Replacing stuck relays or blown resistors can be accommodated for and even if the parts are no longer in production, we will find the better equivalent.


We can replace any blown drive units, crossovers and tweeters on site as to keep the speakers safe from damage caused by shipping and any shipping costs that may be incurred. This also means you would have your speakers up and working as soon as possible.


During our service, we replace all the faulty components with as close to, or better than, manufacturer spec as possible. This may not be possible on older pieces of equipment due to lack of availability.


We will write up a full quote of everything required to get your device up and functional again. This will include collection, parts, labour and delivery costs.


In terms of older equipment, we can upgrade the capacitors from the originals which may be a few years old, to more modern, audiophile grade components. This will improve both the sound, electrical feedback, noise and reliability of the system.

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