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Pass Labs INT-250 – Integrated Series

Pass Labs INT-250 – Integrated Series


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Product Description

The INT-250 utilises the synergies developed in the .8 series power amplifiers. It brings 250 watts per channel of listening pleasure. With higher power MOSFETs and more of them, the INT-250 drives large, demanding and relatively inefficient loudspeakers at higher volumes without batting an eyelash, singing beautifully. Just incredible music from one component.

The INT-250 is not literally identical to its stand-alone counterpart the X-250.8. Nevertheless, the essential details that deliver the sound of the .8 series have been tweaked in subjective testing, and the result is very close. There are a couple new wrinkles to the “preamp” portions of these two products. The volume control circuit outputs are buffered by 6 dB gain stages whose input JFETs present many megohms of load, getting attenuator distortions down below the .001 % line. The extra gain allows optimal figures for the power amp stages, and offers improvement over the previous “passive” circuits.

The output noise figures of the integrated amplifiers are a little higher than the stand alone amplifiers, but after you figure in the noise of a separate preamp external to the amplifier, it comes out about the same, so you don’t lose out on noise performance.

Custom Specifications

Class: AB
Type: Stereo
Gain (dB): 30/36
Volume control (1dB steps): 63 dB
Remote: Yes
Inputs: 4
Outputs: 2
Frequency Response: -6 dB @ 80 KHz
Power Output /ch (8 ohm): 250
Distortion, (1 KHz, full power): 1%
Input Impedance (Kohms) ea Leg: 45
Damping Factor: 150
Output Noise (uV): <250
Input CMRR (dB): -60
DC Offset (V): 0.05
Leaves Class A RMS: 16
Power Consumption (Watts): 450
Dimensions (W x H x D): 19 x 21.25 x 9.1
Weight (LBS): 105