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Atlas Element Integra RCA

Atlas Element Integra RCA


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Product Description

Atlas’s original design brief for the Element Integra RCA was to create a better than average, high quality, entry level interconnect. It seems they succeeded. The Element Integra has won numerous awards internationally and become one of their most successful products.

A stereo interconnect with a neutral, relaxing sound, proven to be an excellent foundation for further system improvements.

Benefiting from our ongoing research and development, the Element is fitted with our Integra non-magnetic RCA plug. The low mass Integra connector features a solder-free, cold-weld connection, all optimised to create a coherent, continuous signal path. The signal conductor is a fully shielded high quality OCC copper, designed and constructed to provide maximum resistance to RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) which can raise noise levels in a poorly shielded cable.

The result is a cable which offers a large three dimensional sound-stage and fine levels of detail without the artificial brightness which affects many budget cables. The Element Integra offers a neutral, relaxing sound and has proven to be an excellent foundation for further system improvements.

Custom Specifications

Construction: Co-ax
Material: OCC
Dielectric: PEF (Polyethylene)
Screen: Braid OFC, 90%
Capacitance: 63.03 pF/m
Inductance: 0.3735 µH/m
Resistance: 0.1612Ohms/m
Impedance: 77.05 Ohms/m
Outside Diameter: 6.0mm

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