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Nordost Bassline Subwoofer Interconnect

Nordost Bassline Subwoofer Interconnect


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Product Description

CinemaFlex Bass-Line is a flat, shielded interconnect cable specifically developed for use with subwoofers in both high-quality stereo and home theatre systems. Due to its flat, shielded design and low signal loss, it is ideal for running line-level signals over long distances and is perfectly suited for running under carpets and inside baseboards or skirting boards.

The limited bandwidth that it is required to reproduce means that it can be specially voiced to deliver superior low-frequency performance, and will extract greater speed, clarity and depth from any subwoofer, improving both low-frequency performance and system integration.

Custom Specifications

Insulation: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Construction: Precision Extrusion
Conductors: 6 x 24 AWG
Material: Silver-plated 99.9999% solid core OFC
Capacitance: 43.0pF/ft
DC Resistance: 13.5 ohms per 1000ft/304M as terminated
Overall Shield Coverage: 100% Coverage Aluminized Mylar
Termination: Gold-plated RCA or XLR

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Optional Y-Adaptor

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