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YG Acoustics – Carmel 2

YG Acoustics – Carmel 2

from £25,000.00

Available Finishes:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Silver

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Product Description

Carmel 2 delivers the lifelike natural sound of YG Acoustics’ flagship Sonja and Hailey, at a price that is within reach for many of us who – until now – could only dream of owning a speaker of such ultra-high-end calibre. This loudspeaker is the culmination of years of research, and a near-obsessive desire by YG Acoustics’ lead-designer Yoav Geva, who insisted that his inevitable responsibility was to extend the leading-edge technologies of Sonja and Hailey, to the Carmel 2. The result is astonishing – world-class performance in a gorgeous marvel of industrial design and precision-manufacturing. Spectacular sonics, timelessly elegant form, pure clarity.

Key Technology:

  • BilletCore™
  • ForgeCore™
  • DualCoherent™
  • ToroAir™
  • CabinetTechnology
  • FocusedElimination™

Custom Specifications

±2 dB frequency response
±5° relative phase throughout entire overlap
Exceptional pair-matching
Usable output extends from 32 Hz to 40 kHz

BilletCore™ ultra-high-rigidity mid-woofer
ForgeCore™ ultra-low-distortion tweeter

Carmel™ 2 is fully-passive
Proprietary DualCoherent™ crossover at 1.75 kHz
Designed using software developed in-house
ToroAir™ inductors eliminate cross-talk

87 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m 2π anechoic

4Ω nominal, 3.5Ω minimum

103x23x31 cm (41x9x13”) HxWxD

34 kg (76 lbs) per channel unpackaged


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