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Zen Mk. II

Zen Mk. II


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Product Description

The Zen Mk. II is ideal for hi-fi enthusiasts who want the convenience of a digital source and improved sound stage and rhythm.

The Zen Mk. II’s hardware was designed to minimise power noise, which highly influences sound quality:

Linear power supply with ultra-low noise regulators and high-end capacitors.
Ultra-low noise USB output, with up to 10Xs less power noise than typical USB outputs.
Dedicated isolated Ethernet port with optimised settings to produce less noise during packet communications, improving sound quality for streamers compared to a direct router connection.
Medical grade mains filter
Its Quad-core Intel CPU and 4GB RAM based architecture enables fast performance with large libraries and the ability to play from memory, which substantially improves sound quality.

Innuos took care of every detail and the Chameleon LED is a proof of that. You can choose your Zen’s LED colour to match your existing system components or you can even turn it off when listening to music.

As your passion for music grows you might want to upgrade your hi-fi system. The Zen Mk.II is fully prepared for that as it is factory upgradable to a Zenith, allowing you to take your music to new heights.


Main Hardware Features
• Fully Linear Power Supply
• Dual-Isolated Ethernet Ports for LAN and Streamer
• In-Memory playback with 2 GB Cache
• Ultra Low-Noise USB Audio Output
• Quad-core Intel CPU, 4GB RAM
• Factory upgradable to a Innuos Zenith

Intelligent CD Ripping and Storage
• Automatic and Assisted mode
• Offline CD Ripping
• Duplicate and Unidentified Albums Management

Music Library Management on Tablet
• Edit Album Data and Cover Art
• Music import wizard from USB, NAS or computer
• Automatic Backup to USB or NAS

HI-FI Music Player
• Tidal¹, Spotify¹, Deezer, BBC iPlayer and Internet Radio
• Up to 32 bit/384 kHz, DSD256 and MQA² via USB
• Connect via Optical or Coaxial using optional accessory

Multi – System Compatibility

• Wireless multi-room, such as Sonos, Naim Mu-so, Denon, HEOS, amongst others
• UPnP Music streamers such as Naim, Linn, Auralic and many others
• Hi-Fi systems such as DACs, Digital Amplifiers, Active Speakers and others

¹ Requires premium-subscription
² When connected to compatible DACs

Custom Specifications

Audio Outputs
Digital Output: Ultra Low Noise USB 2.0 supporting USB Audio Class 1, USB Audio Class 2 and DoP

Ethernet: 2x isolated RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet – LAN and Streamer connection
Other: 1x VGA (service connection only)
USB: 1x USB 2.0 (DAC), 1x USB 3.0 (Backup)

CD Formats: Red Book
Disc Compatibility: CD, CD-R, CD-RW
Audio format for stored CDs: FLAC (zero compression)
Audio Formats Supported for streaming and playing: WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, OGG Vorbis, AAC, MP3

Sample Rates
Sample Rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4KHz. 192kHz, 352.8KHz, 384KHz , DSD64, DSD128, DSD256
Bit Depths: 16bit, 24bit, 32bit

User Control Interfaces
Web Interface: Web Browsers from iOS, Android (4.0 and up) or up-to-date Windows and OS X browsers
Mobile: App for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows 10

CD/DVD drive: TEAC Slot-loading drive
Hard Drive: 2Tb or 4Tb WD Red Hard Drive
CPU: Intel Quad Core 2GHz
Memory: 4Gb DDR3 – 2Gb dedicated for Memory Playback

Streaming and CD Storage
UPnP/DLNA: UPnP Server DLNA device compatible USB Connect and play to USB DACs (USB Audio Class 1 and Class 2, DoP)
Average CD Storage Time: 5 minutes
CD Metadata: OneMusicAPI aggregating multiple CD metadata sources

Network: Internet connection to access album metadata when storing CDs, Internet Radio, Streaming Services and software updates. Network router with at least one available ethernet port. Premium subscription required for some streaming services such as Spotify, Qobuz and Tidal.
Music Controller: Remote control app compatible with the Logitech Media Server (Free and Paid versions available) or Web Browser – Most modern web browsers and platforms are supported
DAC / Converter: DAC with USB input supporting USB Audio Class 1, USB Audio Class 2 or DoP protocols

Mains Supply: 220V AC – Internal Linear Power Supply with ultra-low noise regulators
Power Consumption: 10W when idle, 15W peak

Dimensions: 70 x 420 x 320 mm (H x W x D)
Weight: 9 Kg
In the boxL Innuos Zen Music Server, UK Mains Cable, 2m Ethernet Cable (to connect to router), 0.5m Ethernet Cable (to connect to streamer), Getting Started leaflet

Additional information

Storage Space

Std (2TB HDD), XL (4TB HDD)