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Oracle Paris Mk. V (Ex-Demo)


Oracle Paris Mk. V (Ex-Demo)

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Product Description

Our Paris Mk. V turntable in high gloss red is available ex-demo.  Comes fully loaded with turbo power supply,  hinges for dust cover and an Ortofon MC Quintet Blue cartridge.  It’s in great condition, however there is an inch long scratch on the dust cover.

Paris a city of chic design, sophistication and great taste. Oracle’s Paris has these traits embedded into its superbly sleek and elegant design. Very easy on the eye and adored by those who catch sight of it. This most desirable of TT’s performs with grace and poise too. Make no mistake the Paris is a musical communicator par excellence’ With its fluid and engaging sound it will entice current vinyl enthusiasts as well as a whole new generation of music lovers seeking out records for the first time.

The Paris turntable … from top to bottom. The only thing from the Paris that is similar to what we have done in the past is its design signature, everything else is a total redesign resulting from our studies that lead to the development of the best turntable in the world … the Oracle Delphi Mk VI

The heart of the Delphi MK VI is its ability to control micro vibrations. The Paris uses fibreglass rods and Sorbothane to achieve this complex task. The combination of these materials contributes to virtually eliminate the access of unwanted vibrations to the semi floating chassis where the platter, the tone arm and the phono cartridge are interacting.

The Paris is a belt driven turntable. The motor which is a low voltage AC synchronous, the drive belt and the drive electronics of Paris are the same used for the Delphi MK VI. The drive electronics of the Paris has a very high precision oscillator circuit which creates a perfect sine wave signal to feed the motor thus ensuring high rotational accuracy for optimal speed stability.

To sum up the Paris simply, a beautiful looking piece of audio design that really does deliver the musical performance that vinyl lovers hanker after in one easy to use package.

Full factory set up and ready to use.

Custom Specifications

Drive: AC synchronous motor, belt driven, external power adaptor
Platter: two piece, hub aluminium, main platter, acrylic
Plinth dimension: 19.5″ x 15″ height to top of tone arm 5″( 6″ with dust cover installed)
Speed selection: 33 and 45, adjustable
Tone arm mounting specs maximum centre to centre max tone arm length: 228mm
Oracle Audio developed Paris tone arm based around Project 9CC carbon arm
Oracle Audio developed the micro vibration silicone damping device for this tone arm
Suspension system: Adjustable, semi-floating chassis on dual rod decoupling system
Power requirements: 100 / 120 / 230 volts 50 / 60 Hz
Turntable weight: 7 Kg (15 pounds)
Regular power supply: 24 to 28 VDC / 500ma (standard configuration)