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SME Model 10

SME Model 10


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Product Description

The SME Model 10 precision turntable is built to exacting engineering standards providing reliability and freedom from critical adjustments. Build integrity, sophisticated electronics and vibration free moving parts allow the full capabilities on any sound system to be fully explored.

The designer’s aim was to create a more affordable product, preserving as much as possible of the performance and engineering excellence found in the celebrated Model 30/2 ‘the best turntable of all time’.

The Model 10 weighs more than 15kg (33lbs) but is only 304 mm in diameter, thus meeting all the requirements of high density construction that is required to maintain freedom from colouration.

9 and 10 inch arms but designed to complement the SME M10 precision pick-up arm.

The turntable is supported on three large polymer isolators inside adjustable feet that allow for quick and easy levelling. A trilateral sub-chassis that is carried on three polymer loaded towers; a novel design which allows impressive isolation without floating.

Fully machined platter providing extensional damping, with a diamond turned top surface with a fine scroll finish for an optimal record interface. Large diameter reflex record clamp ensures largest possible contact between platter and record.

The turntable is driven by a 3 phase, brushless outrunner motor with 8-pole Neodymium magnets and 3 integrated Hall effect sensors and virtually vibrationless by reason of its 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) weight as well as being isolated on urethane mounts that are adjustable for accurate belt positioning.

Speed Control
The electronic controller uses a high performance microprocessor, optimised for motor control. Closed loop speed control is implemented using a proportional plus integral (PI) algorithm. Fine pitch speed adjustment allows increments/decrements of +/-0.01% of selected speed. Speed ranges: 33.3, 45 & 78 rpm.

Mains voltages available are 90-110V, 105-125V and 220-240V 50/60 Hz. Please specify when ordering.

Custom Specifications

Turntable Dimensions: Width 370.0mm (14.57”), Depth 350.0mm (13.80”), Height 161.0mm (6.3”) – Record clamp fitted
Platter Diameter: 304.0mm (11.97”)
Spindle to Arm: 215.35mm (8.48”)
Net Weight: 16.0Kg (35lb)
Shipping weight: 18.25Kg (40lb)

Turntable Specification
The turntable is driven by a 3-phase, 6 pulse, inductance motor, with 8 pole Neodymium magnets and 3 integrated Hall position sensors.
The electronic controller uses a high performance microcomputer, optimised for motor control. The Hall position sensors on the motor provide accurate feedback to the micro controller allowing very accurate and stable speed control, including 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm. The reference oscillator is a 10MHz quartz crystal, which is multiplied by 4 to produce an internal microprocessor clock speed of 40MHz.
The driver stage has CMOS buffers/MOSFET drivers with 1.2 Amp peak drive capability.
The power output stage is six high power complimentary Mosfets in a 3 Phase Bridge Driver configuration.
Closed loop speed control is implemented using a pseudo sine wave commutation sequence and a proportional-plus-integral (PI) algorithm.
The design incorporates a 4 layer surface mount technology pcb with on-board user adjustable speed variation control.
Speeds 33 1/3, 45 & 78 rpm

Tonearm Dimensions
Distance from pivot to stylus: 233.15mm (9.18”)
Distance from pivot to turntable centre: 215.35mm (8.48”)
Cartridge fixing centres: 12.70mm (0.50”)
Offset Angle: 23.6o
Linear offset: 93.47mm (3.68”)
Overhang: 17.8mm (0.70”)

Tonearm Specification
Effective mass: 9.5g
Cartridge balance range: 6-17g
Vertical tracking force: 0-3g
Maximum tracking error: 0.012O/mm
Null point inner/outer: 66.04/120.9mm (2.60”/4.76”)

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