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ENIGMAcoustics Mythology M1 Stand

Before setting out on this journey, ENIGMAcoustics had but one goal in mind: To offer audiophiles everywhere the opportunity to experience soundstage with such realistic depth and nuance that will cause one to feel inside of the recording venue unlike anything he or she has ever experienced before..

What many may had considered as lofty has turned into reality.

After acquiring the patented technology to create the world’s first and only self-biased electrostatic loudspeaker (SBESL™) driver, only then did the executive team of ENIGMAcoustics – a dedicated staff of quality craftsman who had been involved for decades in the development of industrial design, high–tech materials, integrated circuits, and audio processing technologies – begin to invest years of arduous R&D, unimaginable amount of advanced modeling and simulation, and countless trial and error, culminating in the unveiling of what can only be described as truly groundbreaking line of speakers.

Hearing is believing. For the first time in your life, there is finally enough graceful information for you to capture, all that hidden audio magic to unearth, and in the end finding that elusive “new performance” of your favorite recordings you’ve always been looking for.

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