Estelon Forza Floorstanding Speakers (Pair)


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The Estelon Forza is a much-awaited addition to the Estelon flagship series. Standing at nearly 1.7 metres in height, the elegant design of the Forza features the very best of what Estelon has to offer – the perfect synergy between aesthetics and engineering. Using only the materials and components best suited for this model and manufacturing it with the greatest detail, the Forza brings music to life. With a sleek design composed of a single cabinet, the Forza is just a bit smaller in size than the Estelon Extreme.

Forza, as the name already suggests, is full of unimaginable refined power. As the electric current passes through the driver elements, the Forza becomes alive. Every nuance dances through the air creating a realistic soundstage and fills the listener with rich emotions. The Forza is bound to impress everybody.


Each speaker has two woofers, one mid-woofer, one midrange, and one tweeter. For the speaker to reproduce the full spectrum of sound with the absolute highest quality, a combination of four different driver types has been carefully chosen.


The two 250 mm (11-inch) aluminium sandwich woofers have been designed together with Accuton engineers, especially for the Estelon flagship loudspeakers. These drivers have an extremely stiff and lightweight membrane and very long linear excursion. In combination with the Cell concept motor system, where the voice coil is almost the same diameter as the whole membrane, these drivers in the Forza cabinet can reproduce a truly deep, accurate, and effortless bass. The Forza’s bass has been said to sound like “live bass”. This is a result of meticulous engineering.


The 190 mm (8-inch) aluminium sandwich mid-woofer has also been co-developed together with the Accuton engineering team, with a unique motor system employing neodymium magnets to have higher sensitivity and suitable parameters for the Forza.


The 168 mm (7-inch) ceramic membrane midrange driver from Accuton employs a lightweight, extremely rigid, alpha-corundum membrane. In combination with the powerful, highly optimized Cell concept motor system, with a neodymium magnet ring, the result is a highly efficient and transparent sounding midrange driver.


The 25 mm (1-inch) chemical vapor-deposited diamond membrane tweeter from Accuton can reproduce sounds at the highest frequencies, up to 60 kHz, with no distortions in the human hearing range.


Symmetrical driver positioning – both woofers have exactly the same acoustic load outside the loudspeaker as inside. Due to such configuration, both woofers move identically and without competing with each other. We call this Symmetric Driver Loading (SDL) technology.


The three upper drivers are positioned on the curved front panel in a way that from the listening position these are approximately at the same distance from the listener. This, combined with the meticulously fine-tuned cross-over filters, means that the sound from each driver reaches the listening position at the same time, resulting in a coherent, precise sound signal with uncompressed dynamics, perfect tonal balance, very precise imaging, and lifelike sound-staging.




TYPE 4-way passive loudspeaker, sealed box
DRIVERS Woofer: 2 x 250 mm (11″) CELL Aluminium Sandwich Accuton (custom design)
Mid Woofer: 190 mm (8″) CELL Aluminium Sandwich Accuton (custom design)
Midrange: 168 mm (7″) CELL Ceramic Accuton
Tweeter: 25 mm (1″) CELL Diamond Accuton
NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 3 Ω (min 1.7 Ω at 125 Hz)
MATERIAL Marble based composite
DIMENSIONS Height: 1675 mm (66″)
Width: 617 mm (24″)
Depth: 682 mm (27″)
Net Weight: 150 kg (330 lbs.) per piece
RECOMMENDED ROOM SIZE 40-125 m² (430-1345 ft²)

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Black Pearl Gloss, White Pearl Gloss, Ocean Mystery, Violet Night, Dark Silver Liquid Gloss


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