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The next generation Streaming transport

An all-new LUMIN for DAC owners; LUMIN U2 focusses on pure digital.

After the huge success of our sweetspot price/performance LUMIN T3, LUMIN U2 brings the same design philosophy to a transport for the first time.

Taking chassis construction methods, linear power supply design and dual-network from the multi-award-winning LUMIN P1, the all-new LUMIN U2 brings high-end digital right into the heart of the LUMIN range.

Transport-only unit featuring the finest LUMIN components

  • First LUMIN Transport to use new all-in-one chassis
  • Latest processor provides greater resampling flexibility
  • New integrated toroidal linear power supply
  • Fibre Network provides complete isolation from network digital noise
  • Increased capacity for future updates
  • 3 USB ports including a NEW dedicated low-noise USB output
  • Dual-Network interface with built-in Network Switch
  • DSD512 and PCM768 playback
  • 4 exceptionally low-phase-noise crystal clock oscillators
  • New surface finish taken from the high-end P1
  • Leedh Processing lossless volume control
  • All-new processing system

    • Completely new next-generation hardware and software provide a new foundation for LUMIN
    • Increased processing power and storage capacity provide greater resampling flexibility, audio processing performance and future-proofing.
    • Up/down sampling up to DSD256


    • Internal ultra-low-noise linear power supply

      • First LUMIN Transport with a built in linear power supply
      • Ultra-low-noise rectifier and linear regulator
      • Extra large toroidal transformer


      Dedicated USB port for Audio Output

      • First LUMIN to feature 3 USB ports
      • New dedicated “Direct-Coupled” USB digital audio output port
      • Leaves two ports free for music storage and accessories


      CNC chassis construction

      • First LUMIN Transport to use new all-in-one chassis
      • The thick CNC panelled aluminium construction offers upgraded structural rigidity and sheilding compared to the U2-Mini
      • Precision CNC milling techniques from our flagship products provide the high-end LUMIN family aesthetic


      Draws the very best aspects from throughout the LUMIN range

      New processing hardware and software first introduced with the U2-Mini and T3

      The best features used from our flagship players such as Fibre Networking, Linear Power Supply and Dual-stage voltage regulators

      New for a LUMIN Transport – U2 uses CNC panel construction finished in a new silky surfacing process taken from our high-end P1 that is less susceptible to finger marks and easier to clean.


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