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Zephyr MIMC ☆


Zephyr MIMC was our entry-level to the high-performance world of Soundsmith’s MC-pre-compatible, low-output cartridges. It brought a very nice portion of the performance available in our higher-end MC-compatible cartridges (Paua, Sussurro, Hyperion) to the more affordable sub-$2k category.

Recently, Peter Ledermann decided to see if he could stretch the limits of the MIMC’s performance even higher without stretching past the $2k price point … little did any of us know how far he would be able to take it! The updated Zephyr MIMC ☆ smashes through sonic barriers with its new laser-drilled Sapphire cantilever and select nude Contact-Line diamond stylus! This is probably the most important Soundsmith model to have in your arsenal. It brings an astounding portion of the performance available only in our top-level low output cartridges, and it does it for just $1,999 retail (USD) !

We’re so excited about this model that we’ve put together our best promotion ever for it – we call it the “Golden Ticket” program: We will be giving away Soundsmith products to customers who purchase the new Zephyr MIMC ☆ via a Golden Envelope inserted into each Zephyr MIMC ☆ cartridge box, ranging from EZ-Mount Screws to Strain Gauge 210 systems! We’ll be spreading the news about this promotional program very soon on Social Media, with specifically-targeted focus to the countries where we are distributed. We want your customers to know all about this extraordinary product, and this outrageously cool promotion!

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Output Low
Output Voltage .4 mV
Type: • Fixed Coil / Moving Iron
Mount: • Standard ½”
Stylus: • Selected Contact Line low mass Nude Stylus
Radius of Curvature: • 6 x 17 µm
Cantilever: • Laser Drilled Sapphire
Recommended Tracking Force: • 1.8 – 2.2 g
Effective Tip Mass: • 0.32 mg
Compliance: • 10 µm/mN
Frequence Response: • 15 – 45,000 Hz ± 2.0 dB
Channel Separation @ 1000 Hz: • > 28 dB
• N/A (Mono version)
Channel Separation @ 50 – 15,000 Hz: • > 25 dB
• N/A (Mono version)
Channel Difference: • < 1.0 dB
• < 0.5 dB (Dual Mono w/optimal VTF setting)
Output Voltage @ 5cm/sec: • > 0.40 mV (LOW)
DC Resistance (DCR): • 10Ω
Coil Inductance per channel: • 2.75 mH
Suggested Preamp Gain: • 58 – 64 dB
Cartridge Weight: • 12.2 g (ES series)
Recommended Load Resistance: • ≥ 470Ω
Recommended Load Capacitance: • n/a


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