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Carbon Tuning Discs is a spinoff of our new Atmosphere SX Loom where they are placed inside cables at key locations and are instrumental in creating the SX sound.

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Based on our patented UEF technology, each disc gets treated with a unique UEF compound that interacts with EM fields wherever you place them in your system or on cables to improve sound quality. The conductive carbon fiber material of the disc enhances the interaction between the UEF compound and the surrounding EM fields where it is placed.

Two different balances for one perfect sound: It is important to find applications for both Gold and Purple Tuning Discs in your system as their combined application creates a full sound. The Gold- Carbon Tuning Discs flesh out rich harmonics combined with a clarifying effect in the sound field for a more lifelike and holographic presentation. Purple- Carbon Tuning Discs get treated with a UEF compound that enhances clarity and extension in the soundstage even beyond Gold while maintaining a musical balance when carefully placed. We suggest that you experiment with different locations in and on your system and cables to find your perfect match. Lastly, recommend that you not overdo it; Carbon Tuning Discs are very powerful and should be treated as a seasoning for your audio system

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Each, Set of 3

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