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The goal of the PowerCell 8 UEF was to create a non-current limiting, compact power conditioner to rival the world’s best sounding, largest, and most expensive line conditioners, and we’ve succeeded!

For the PowerCell 8 UEF we adapted our 6th generation electromagnetic cell, originally engineered for the new PowerCell 12 UEF, to fit a compact chassis. Our patented EM Cell Technology now features Graphene—a near superconductor at room temperature—to deliver clean unlimited power filtered outside of the signal path through an active inductive process. Plug and Play: unlike previous PowerCells with outboard MPC power supplies, the PowerCell 8’s EM Cell is powered by an onboard, Swiss-made power supply that adds dynamic headroom and lowers a system’s noise floor to increase EM Cell performance dramatically. Fitted with 4 SR HD wall outlets and powered by an included Black UEF power cable with Graphene, the PowerCell 8 UEF is the highest performance compact chassis line conditioner in the world.

Don’t let the compact design fool you. PowerCell 8 UEF delivers a big soundstage with micro-detail while fitting discreetly behind your component rack, saving you valuable shelf space. And to bring the highest level of resolution, double down on component-to-component isolation and A/C filtering by plugging the PowerCell 8 UEF into a PowerCell 12 UEF. Then connect your nosiest digital components like hard drives, computers and monitors into the PowerCell 8 UEF with the balance of your system plugged into a PowerCell 12 UEF for the ultimate in AC filtration and digital to analogue component isolation.

When high-powered components—such as Mono Block amplifiers—require instantaneous power, the non-current-limiting PowerCell 8 UEF delivers. Equipped with a 20 amp IEC input receptacle and four high definition duplexes, electricity will flow unimpeded to and from the internal EM cell. In addition, the high current 12 gauge, silver matrix, multi-stranded wire allows a pristine origin for your audio system’s performance.

Construction: Aircraft Aluminum Dimensions: Height 3″ x Width 10.75″ x Depth 6″ Weight: 6.6 lbs. Internal Active UEF EM Perpendicular Plane Cell area: 387 square centimeters including Dielectric: PTFE Connector Input: 1 each 20 amp IEC Connector Output US: 8 Outlets (Quantum Treated) Connector Output International (EU/AU/UK): 8 outlets (Quantum Treated) Power Cable: UEF Black High Current power cable 12 awg. Mil Spec Silver Matrix Multi-Stranded Wire Swiss-made “Active Power Supply” SR Quantum Capacitors Silver Solder 4% Hand Built Time: 2.5 hours Quantum Tunneling: Standard Level 1 5 Day Burn In: 2 Step Process
Voltage and current Rating:Input rating US: 20amp/125v Input Rating International (EU/AU/UK): 16amp/250v US Version: Rating is limited by the US Outlet rating of 20amp/125v International(EU/AU/UK) Version: Rating is predicated upon the Schuko Outlet rating of 16amp/250v

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