AMG Turntables 9WT Tonearm


Tonearm including Circle adaptor £7750

Tonearm with external tonearm base “Fortissimo” £9750

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Combining all of the functional and performance improvements of the of the 12JT into a 9 inch tonearm model for wide compatibility.

Improved larger bearing structure allowing for more precise, low-friction operation of both the vertical and horizontal bearings for improved dynamic performance and absolute vibration control.

Beautifully integrated adjustment instruments for all critical setup parameters, easily adjusted by hand and with precise control.

Finished, manually assembled and tangible manufacturing precision at the highest quality level.

The instrumentation :

Ultra High-precision adjustment by means of built-in instruments for all relevant adjustment parameters. Tool-free adjustment is possible using in-house manufactured knurled screws with ultra fine threads for easy adjustability by hand.

The integrated azimuth adjustment :

Precise adjustment of aziumth at the bearing allows for optimization of channel performance while allowing a fully rigid connection at the headshell, for unparalleled sonic imaging.

The magnetic anti-skating system :

Highly accurate and adjustable magnetic anti-skating mechanism for perfectly centered and distortion-free groove tracking.scanning.

The VTA :

Precise fine tuning and repeatable adjustment of tonearm height by means of integrated bubble level and vertical threaded adjustment rod.

The internal wiring :

Gold-plated plug connections and hand made wiring with special winding pattern to cancel magnetic field resonances, resulting in the highest acoustic transparency, detail, and presence.

The arm tube :

Precisely calculated ratio of wand diameter / length effective length matched with specifications of the high-grade aluminum arm material ensures the lowest possible resonance behavior.

The counterweight as the basis of dynamics :

Two-piece counterweight for perfect weight adjustment. Significantly higher dynamics and sonic precision through optimized force / mass distribution throughout the tonearm system. The kinetic energy remains in the cartridge and guarantees vibrational isolation, resulting in excellent control and clarity of bass response.



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