Soundsmith Alto Tonearm


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Soundsmith Alto Tonearm

Many audiophiles around the world know about Frank Schröder and his tone arms. Many folks wish they could own one. But the demand is high, and the supply is….well…..Frank hand builds each one. So waiting to get yours can take some time…..but not anymore.

The Alto  (Asymmetrical Loaded Topology) is a unique arm design Frank has given to me  exclusively to manufacture by hand and sell. And boy are we excited. What does the ALTO sound like?? It sounds like all Frank’s arms.

It makes no sound at all. That is the true measure of Audio Arm engineering. It MUST not get in the way of the performance.

How long will it last before it starts wearing out or losing its performance tolerances? Like all Schröder arms, the answer is……never.


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