Estelon X Centro Diamond Mk II Centre Speaker


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The X Centro Diamond Mk II is a true Estelon design offering an unparalleled sound performance, matching the outstanding tonal reproduction and sophistication of all the Estelon products.

An unprecedented level of accuracy in music systems and home theatres through superior musical performance in any listening space. The X Centro Diamond Mk II brings the movies to life through realistic imaging details.


Estelon engineering took many years of research and testing to find the right material that would allow the highest quality of cabinet and construction for the loudspeaker’s acoustically engineered complex shape. We developed a proprietary marble-based composite material and special moulding technology to be able to make cabinets with such advanced surface geometry, inside and out.


The combination of the high-density, solid mass of the moulded marble-based composite and the purposeful shapes, results in characteristics that allow for close to perfect acoustical properties. The cabinet is extremely rigid, highly dense, resonant-free, and with exceptional internal dampening and acoustical control.


The unique shape of the cabinet is highly complicated and differs greatly from a classical box design. In fact, it’s not a box at all! There are no parallel walls, almost every surface inside is curved. The curved cabinet walls make the cabinet completely “dead” and non-resonant. Such a highly advanced and complex cabinet design and construction allows only pure and uninfluenced sound to emanate from the various high-performance driver elements.


The 48 kg weight of the speaker gives it static and dynamic stability. This provides a solid foundation for the explosive acceleration of the driver membranes. There is no compression effect in macro dynamics and no confusion or uncertainty in subtle micro-dynamics of the sound.


The Estelon X Centro Diamond Mk II cabinet has been designed in a way that there are no sharp edges. The soft curves of the cabinet eliminate the effects of reflective diffraction from the drivers’ output; thus, the directivity of the speaker is homogenous and wide. The frequency response and timing change very little from the centre to the sides, retaining smooth tonal characteristics and time alignment of the drivers.


In order to achieve the highest degree of micro-detail fidelity, the filter components are connected directly, via point-to-point techniques, all hand-soldered with high-quality solder, and with the shortest possible cable runs between drivers, crossover and binding posts.


TYPE 2-way passive centre channel speaker, bass reflex
DRIVERS 2 x Mid-woofer: 173 mm (7″) Accuton, ceramic membrane
Tweeter: 25 mm (1″) Accuton, diamond inverted dome
NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 8 Ω (min 4.9 Ω at 3.4 kHz)
SENSITIVITY 91 dB / 2,83 V
CABINET MATERIAL Marble based composite
Width: 724 mm (28.5″)
Depth: 367 mm (14.4″)
Net weight: 48 kg (106 lbs.) with integrated stand

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Black Lava Liquid Gloss, White Gloss, Blue Cobalt Liquid Gloss, Red Rocket Liquid Gloss, Silver Pure Alu Liquid Gloss, Silver Pure Alu Matte, Violet Night Liquid Gloss, White Matte


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