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How Gryphon Built the Perfect Preamplifier
Since our company’s founding nearly 40 years ago, the philosophy of Gryphon Audio Designs of Denmark has remained constant: the relentless pursuit of sonic perfection without commercial compromises in design, construction or cost. All Gryphon products have been conceived in this same perfectionist spirit: uncompromising engineering in the service of music. Impeccable build quality complemented by our original, highly refined “Nordic Noir” aesthetic sensibility and absolute simplicity of use.

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Our starting point for Commander was Gryphon’s extraordinary Pandora, widely regarded
as one of the world’s finest preamplifiers. Commander shares Pandora’s Dual-Mono
layout with separate chassis for signal and power supply circuitry. Pandora’s single-
ended Class A input buffer is retained, as it offers the compelling advantage of passing
the signal through the smallest possible number of electrical components–two transistors
and a single resistor–yielding sound that is exceptionally transparent, fast, natural and
open. Neither preamplifier employs any global negative feedback

Naturally, Commander embodies major advances in many sonically-critical areas,
including a high-precision, extremely low noise voltage reference in connection with the
analogue series regulators which supply the amplifier stages. The Commander’s voltage
reference has approximately 50 times lower noise than the already-excellent reference
used in Pandora! A pair of fully discrete, linear power supplies feed each channel’s
analog circuit while a third is dedicated to the digital control circuitry, thus maintaining
absolute mechanical separation and electrical isolation between digital and analog


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