Gryphon Trident II



From Theory to Practice
In order to live up to the uncompromising design goal of perfect phase all the time at all frequencies, the Gryphon Trident II enclosure incorporates a concave curved front to form a direct angled, time-aligned system with identical distance from the acoustic centre of each driver to the listener.

All cone drivers are custom designed for low Q and minimal dynamic compression and built by an internationally respected Danish driver manufacturer committed to assembling drive units to Gryphon’s strict specifications. Highly focused, ultra-linear triple-magnet systems ensure total control of cone motion in the midrange and bass drivers. Specially developed surrounds match the geometry of the driver diaphragm and the fiberglass cone material is layer damped. Dust caps are non-deformable, low-mass and highly rigid.

Two 5” Kevlar midrange drivers and four 8” bass units are precisely angled in a symmetrical vertical array above and below the extraordinary high-frequency Air Motion Transformer drive unit that moves air by driving an extremely low-mass folded sheet in a semi-perpendicular motion via a powerful magnetic field.

The Trident II crossover network, based on wax-impregnated air-core inductors wound from copper foil and stacked foil capacitors potted in epoxy to resist mechanical interference, ensures undetectable, smooth transitions across the audible range.

28 V DC bias is applied to the capacitors, eliminating crossover distortion at zero electrical potential for audibly enhanced stability and substantial gains in body, timbral colour and image coherence.

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The overwhelmingly positive reception of the Gryphon Poseidon, a four-tower system that occupied a considerable piece of domestic real estate, generated massive audiophile interest for a single-enclosure, full-range system that could perform to the same high standards in somewhat smaller rooms.

The original Gryphon Trident was that system. Now, the Gryphon Trident II breaks new ground in audio performance, exploiting innovative drivers and cabinet construction technologies to create a direct music conduit with consummate sonic neutrality, textural purity and dynamic ease.

Revised versions of Gryphon Audio Designs products are few and far between for the simple reason that Gryphon has never brought a product to the marketplace, before it was fully ready for prime time. Because each product is allowed to mature in its own good time, the lifespan of a Gryphon model is far longer than that of the typical High End component that, if one is to believe the manufacturers, is suddenly outmoded and ripe for replacement after a single season.

Gryphon products are never “flavour of the month.” They withstand the test of time and remain at the forefront in their respective categories for many years, because of the obsessive level of attention lavished on every aspect of the design.

Based on Gryphon’s single-minded unity of purpose and tightly focused, well-defined objective – musical purity – change is never pursued for its own sake. Revisions are implemented only when they offer a clear, significant step forward in musicality.

Fortunately, innovation comes naturally at Gryphon Audio Designs, where we take equal pleasure in pure, ground-breaking research and in the unalloyed joy proud users the world over derive from the fruits of our labours.


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