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Since its inception, the TAD Reference One has become the established reference for speaker systems in the new era of high definition audio.

This ultra high end speaker system based on highly advanced technology developed by TAD (Technical Audio Devices), is used by creators of studio monitors in several leading recording studios around the world.
It employs carefully selected materials and parts, benefits from relentless attention to detail and engineering, and is backed by our unmatched design theory and testing ability.
The result is a sound field of flawless purity that achieves unprecedented professional audio artistry.
The TAD Reference One realizes richly resonant sound that has no equal.

A CST (Coherent Source Transducer) driver that embodies the ideal single point sound source conceptTAD uses a CST driver for coaxial speakers that controls the phase and directivity of the drive unit
across a wide frequency range. The use of a midrange cone controls the directional characteristics of
the concentric mounted tweeter, thereby unifying the acoustic center of the tweeter and the midrange
as well as reconciling the phase and directional characteristics through the crossover range. This
enables both ultra-wide range reproduction of 250Hz–100kHz and a direct-radiation pattern that
neatly dampens uniformly across all bands. The result is extremely clear and stable imaging, a wide
frequency response, and incredibly rich and natural sounding reproduction.

Beryllium diaphragm processed with unique vapor deposition technique for tweeter and midrange

The R1TX uses a beryllium diaphragm for the tweeter dome and midrange cone. A vapor deposition
technique uniquely developed by TAD and refined over many years, provides superior material
strength and uniformity as well as high-frequency resonance damping. The midrange features a
maximum-size 16 cm-diameter cone for the beryllium diaphragm to realize transparent sound across
a wide frequency range. Moreover, TAD used their original computer-analysis optimization method
HSDOM (Harmonized Synthetic Diaphragm Optimum Method) to design the tweeter’s shape,
achieving accurate control of differential vibration and ultra-wide range reproduction up to 100 kHz.

Newly developed Woofers with a TLCC (Tri-Laminate Composite Cone) diaphragm

The new R1TX woofers incorporate a “TLCC diaphragm” that achieves fast-response, clear, and rich
reproduction with no coloration through a structure of lightweight, high-rigidity foamed acrylamide,
which is used in aircrafts, sandwiched by aramid fibers, and resulting in improved strength and stiffness.
The TAD engineering team reduced minor resonances in axisymmetric modes by molding the foamed
acrylamide and aramid fibers separately as well as processing them with a lamination method that
utilizes the anisotropy of woven fabric. Furthermore, we have applied acoustic tuning creating a natural
sound timbre in association with the CST driver.

Woofers with OFGMS (Optimized Field Geometry Magnet Structure) circuit

In order to always correctly reproduce audio waveforms, we use our original magnet-circuit short voice
coil OFGMS circuit, which linearizes the magnetic flux density along the 33 mm long gap. This
stabilizes operation during wide range amplitude and realizes high movement linearity. Moreover, high
linearity is maintained as we also use our original corrugation edge in the suspension components.

A port system that applies TAD horn fluid design

Air noise is effectively reduced by using a flare-shaped port system that is superbly aerodynamic. The
unit operates stress-free even during large input and amplitude, producing clear bass with good S/N.

SILENT (Structurally Inert Laminated Enclosure Technology) enclosure with high damper effect and strength

The enclosure is made of a laminate structure that combines different materials, and its static and
dynamic strength as well as damper effect is maximized by utilizing the merits of its frame and
monocoque structure, for example by making the side walls a frame surrounded by strong panels. The
enclosure consists of a strong framework of 21 mm-thick birch plywood and a transverse bulkhead that
is glued to 50 mm-thick side panels produced with high-frequency hot press forming. Moreover, by
building on the teardrop form and rounding the shape of the speaker head, we increase strength, reduce
sound diffraction anomalies, and eliminate unwanted resonance and standing waves inside the

Collaborating with luxury furniture maker Tendo Mokko to make the enclosure

TAD designed and constructed the enclosure in collaboration with one of Japan’s most famous luxury
furniture makers Tendo Mokko, which was founded in Tendo City, Yamagata in 1940. The SILENT
enclosure has become even stronger by utilizing Japanese traditional artisanal techniques during
molding and processing. The new TAD-R1TX line-up now features two exterior colours derived from
the rare mineral beryl, which is the raw material of the beryllium used for the diaphragm: “emerald
black,” which is suggestive of a deep-green gem, and “beryl red,” which is suggestive of a red gem
made of beryllium. Both are color tones replete with deep luster and elegance, and make the most of
the beautiful feel of the natural wood, worthy of the name “Reference.”

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Beryl Red, Emerald Black


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