YBA Genesis A6 Power Amplifier


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Nobody builds amplifiers like Yves-Bernard André ….. Music presented by the Genesis A6 and accompanying PRE5A is free and relaxed, while full of sensitivity and energy. Yves-Bernard André has over four decades of experience. You can hear that it’s fantastic. The depth of sound and remarkable transparency reflects the spirit of the very best French high fidelity!

The Genesis A6 power amplifier is a work of art with the heatsinks on either side etched in the YBA logo. With its black aluminium casing complete with black acrylic panel, there are no buttons or switches to be seen. The on/off control is underneath the unit, towards the left hand side.

The attractive deep orange display is housed behind the acrylic panel. The rear panel is simple – offering one pair of both RCA and balanced inputs and one pair of speaker outputs.


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