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The combination of the Genesis A6 power amplifier and PRE5A pre-amplifier was the winner of this prestigious French hi fi award at the end of 2016.

The Genesis PRE5A pre-amplifier was one of the first YBA products to offer the revolutionary digital power off option. With so many digital and analogue inputs on offer, there will always be those owners who want to use the pre-amplifier for analogue purposes only. To be able to switch off all power to the digital section provides an improvement to the analogue reproduction. The digital power can be switched back on at any time.

In total there are five digital inputs – plus Bluetooth, and one digital output. It is necessary to download a driver for the USB (24/192KHz) input if you are a Windows user. No download is necessary for MAC users. The download can be found in the Reviews and Documentation

There is one balanced audio input and 2 RCA. The video input has a bypass feature which is controlled by the remote control handset. Two pairs RCA and 1 pair Balanced outputs add to the pre-amplifier’s versatility.


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