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The Genesis CD4 player recently received a coveted Japanese Ongren Syuppan 2016 Product of the Year award.

The CD4 uses a Sanyo HD850 mechanism. Loading the CD is carried out from above via a sliding door which should remain partially open during playback in order to minimise vibration due to the movement of the air rotation of the disc.

Three transformers are installed in the CD4: the first feeds the digital section, the function management, and the playback mechanism. The other two, one per channel, ensure optimal operation of the analogue stage.

The front panel has three rocker switches, the first for standby, one for Play / Pause / Stop functions and one for forward and reverse track. The display carries all relevant information behind the acrylic panel.

The rear panel has three output options, Balanced Audio, RCA and Coaxial plus a digital optical input. It also has the ability to switch the digital power off if using only the analogue output option.


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