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The Passion CDT450 is a CD transport only, meaning it does not have an on board DAC.  Whilst is can be partnered with any good DAC, the Passion  CDT450 is designed ideally to be used with either the Passion PRE550A preamplifier/DAC or the Passion IA350A integrated amplifier.

The Passion CDT450 CD Transport is a simple to operate top loading player. Once the CD is in place, moving the door forward approximately 2 centimetres engages the start mechanism. Discs can be played with the door open or closed. All relevant information is displayed on the front panel display and with its two discretely positioned control buttons on the left side of the front panel. It retains the attractive uncluttered lines of the Signature range of products.

The top loading transport features a High end Phillips CD PRO llm with patented Blue Diode® system.

Loading the CD is carried out via a sliding door and it should remain partially open during playback. This is in order to minimise vibration due to the movement of the air rotation of the disc.

Once the disc is placed on the platter and the clamp put in place, it is necessary only to slide the door forward by 2 cm to start playing.

The CDT450 has the advantage of SRC (sample rate conversion) – this feature being available only through the I²S output. The transport has five available outputs – all digital. Full control is available from the switches on the front panel or the remote control.


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