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The Genesis PH1 caters for MM, low output MC and high output MC cartridges. Never connect MM and MC cartridges at the same time as there will be a possibility with the high amplification factor that some noise could occur at the output stage. The selector control on the front panel of the PH1 has only two options (MM or MC) even though it accepts high output MC. The circuitry has been designed so that it will automatically sense which type of moving coil cartridge is being used and settings will adjust accordingly provided the correct selection is made from the toggle switch on the rear panel.

The power supply of the PH1 is provided by 10 NCR18650 batteries charged via a 24V power adaptor. The PH1 must be fully charged prior to use, a simple process with all necessary information clearly displayed. In full use conditions, the batteries can be charged up to 10,000 times with each full charge lasting for up to 8 hours.

Instructions for use are simple but need to be recognised as this product is battery driven. The PH1 needs to be fully charged before first use – it is a simple process clearly explained in the manual. Be aware that as long as the power adaptor is plugged in and switched on, then as the battery level drops during use, it will automatically recharge. When not in use, disconnect the power adaptor and turn off the PH1 using the switch located on the underside of the unit. The PH1 should be regularly switched on and the power adaptor connected so that the battery level can be checked. If it is low, it should be recharged. If it remains on but not in use, then the batteries will discharge over time.

Yves-Bernard André has designed a specific moving coil transformer for use in the Genesis PH1. Because of its design, the YBA transformer is uniquely suited to meet the different characteristics of moving coil cartridges. It allows for the finest details of a reading to be highlighted at a very high level.


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