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The long-awaited Evolution series floor type speaker system equipped with CST and Bi-Directional ADS port was born. Speakers that reproduce smooth bass by Double Woofer and ADS and realise natural sound spreading in wide frequency band by CST will produce glittery and sophisticated space with beautiful form.

The E1TX adopts TAD’s micro CST* Driver, designed exclusively to deliver a truly natural sound. This 9cm micro driver was originally implemented in the critically acclaimed TAD Micro Evolution One series.
As with all TAD CST drivers, the precision-designed midrange and tweeter are positioned coaxially for optimal directional characteristics with minimal audio interference, each complimenting the other’s respective output and successfully achieving the point sound source concept.
Lightweight yet highly rigid beryllium is utilised for the tweeter diaphragm, contributing to the CST driver’s ability to deliver superb and stable localisation of sound with natural sound field reproduction over its broad frequency band from 420Hz to 60kHz.

* CST: Coherent Source Transducer

Twin 16cm woofers feature TAD’s proven MACC* Diaphragm combined with a powerful magnetic circuit to achieve outstanding drive linearity for superior midrange response and excellent bass extension.
The unique construction of the MACC Diaphragm is composed of layers of aramid fabric and raw fibres formed individually, then laminated to form a single composite cone.
The result is a diaphragm with enhanced strength, improved internal loss characteristics and ideal vibrational behaviour that produces rich, smooth midrange and deep bass free from coloration and distortion.

* MACC: Multi-Layered Aramid Composite Cone

First introduced in TAD’s Compact Evolution One, the Bi-Directional ADS* Port is an innovative approach to achieving powerful bass reproduction.

Applied for the first time in a floor standing, full-range design, the unique Slit-shaped ports of the E1TX are positioned low and near the floor for the standing wave leakage reduction and the natural bass reproduction, and exist both the left and right sides with circular shaped flared openings to the front and rear of the enclosure.

This symmetrical front-back, left-right layout combined with the low, offset slot location eliminates unwanted sound from the port and reduces standing waves within the enclosure.

Combined with the organic, compound shape of the beautifully finished cabinet, the E1TX is an acoustic and visual work of art, capable of reproducing a rich and powerful sound field that will fill your room and your senses.

* Bi-Directional ADS: Bi-Directional Aero-Dynamic Slot

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